Mackie Hill Junior and Infant School

School Dinners

School dinner money is payable online through our provider Feeding Hungry Minds.  The step by step guide below will assist you when registering and ordering meals online for the first time.

Register, pre-order or pay for school dinners here.


A polite reminder to parents to log onto feeding hungry minds online to order school meals for your child.  Doing this enables you to discuss what they would like to eat, helps you plan meals at home and ensures they can start their school day promptly without having to order in school or go to the office to order a meal.


Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 and entitled to Universal Free School Meals which are funded by the government. Children in all other year groups must pay for meals. 


All dinner money accounts must be kept in credit to allow school dinners to be ordered.  If your account is not in credit then your child will be unable to order a school meal.  If this happens, we will telephone or send you a text reminding you to add credit to your account.  If your child is unwell it is your responsibility to cancel the meal so that you are not charged.  This can be done up to 9:30am on the day of absence.  Please contact the office if you would like any help ordering school meals.