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Mackie Hill Junior and Infant School

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Performance Data
Our results summary is detailed below. 

Government legislation requires all children to be assessed at the end of Foundation Stage and Year 6. From May 2024, Key Stage 1 SATs are no longer statutory.  

In addition to this, in the summer term, all year 1 pupils undertake a Phonics test and year 4 pupils undertake a multiplication check. 

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Reporting to Pupils and Parents

We believe that feedback to pupils is very important as it tells them how well they have done and what they need to do next in order to improve their work. Pupils then have the opportunity to reflect and discuss their progress.

We have a range of strategies that keep parents and carers fully informed of their child's progress in school. Each term, we offer parents and carers the opportunity to meet their child's teacher. At the first meeting of the school year (in the autumn) and at the second meeting (in the spring), we review their child's progress. During the summer term, we give all parents and carers a written report of their child's progress and achievements during the year. In this report, we also identify target areas for the next school year.

Please contact the school of you have any questions or comments about any aspect of your child's work. Staff are nearly always available for a quick discussion after school, or an appointment can be made for a longer meeting.