Mackie Hill Junior and Infant School


At Mackie Hill Junior and Infants School, we prioritise mathematical learning. Our school is a happy, caring and stimulating place where all children are valued and given the opportunity to achieve their full potential. Achieving well in mathematics enables children to thrive in later life; we believe the mathematical learning opportunities offered to children at our school will provide them with a secure foundation on which to build as well as a lifelong love of maths.

Staff follow the White Rose Maths primary schemes of learning, supplemented by Lancashire County Council resources. All children are offered opportunities to develop their fluency alongside their problem solving and reasoning skills.
In foundation stage (nursery and reception), children have short maths carpet sessions daily and maths resources are available for children to access in the learning environment (both indoors and outdoors). In key stage 1 and 2, children have daily maths lessons of 50-60 minutes in which they extend their understanding of number, calculation, measures and geometry using a combination of practical apparatus and pictorial representations. 


Mathematics at Mackie Hill Junior and Infants School enables children to achieve the 3 main national curriculum aims:
• Children become fluent in the fundamentals of maths (‘Do maths’)
• Children can solve problems by applying their mathematics (‘Use maths’)
• Children can reason mathematically by following a line of enquiry (‘Talk maths’)

Mathematics Policy

Calculations Policy