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Mackie Hill Junior and Infant School

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Reading for pleasure

At Mackie Hill, we believe every child deserves the enjoyment, fascination and wealth of knowledge that books provide. Books open up the whole world to a child and we want to ensure each and every child who passes through our school leaves as lifelong readers. We firmly believe that every child is a reader, they just need to find the right book! It is with this in mind that we have carefully designed our Reading for Pleasure Curriculum, ensuring our children are exposed to texts which are as broad and varied as possible.


Our newly-introduced Reading Spine is an inspiring collection of hand-picked books which cover many genres, themes and experiences for the children. By the time our children leave at the end of Key Stage 2, they will have experienced over 250 different books, nursery rhymes and songs, and all the wonderful stories and knowledge that they contain.


Each class, from Nursery up to Year 6, have dedicated time every day for Reading for Pleasure. Teachers read to the children from their selection of texts from the Reading Spine, fostering a sense of togetherness within the classroom and allowing the children to feel the magic of storytelling – something which all children deserve. Completed texts are then available in the classroom’s well-stocked reading areas for children to reread and share together.