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  3. 5th January 2021

5th January 2021

5 January 2021 (by admin)

School Arrangements

Remote Learning Plans and online Zoom links will be added to website class pages throughout the evening ready to commence teaching tomorrow. The start times for classes have been staggered to help parents support with home learning where necessary. Remote Learning has now become statutory. It is therefore expected that children will join in with online learning lessons. However, we understand that some parents will be juggling working from home as well as support home learning. Therefore, if you would like any copies of home learning resources, please email and work will be made available for collection.



We are currently confirming Vulnerable and Critical Worker places. If you have sent an email, we will confirm places with you as soon as possible. School meals will be provided as normal tomorrow. Children can wear school uniform each day with comfortable shoes / trainers for short PE sessions throughout the week.



Schools have not yet received government guidance to confirm the full opening of Nursery. Therefore, we have been asked to open Nursery to Vulnerable and Critical Worker pupils ONLY. These parents will be notified and asked to attend. Once the government guidance has been received we shall contact parents to clarify a full or partial opening.   



Before and After School Club will be running, on a paid capacity, for pupils who are attending and who require it. Please email to book a place.



Unfortunately, we are not able to offer our planned Booster and Tuition Sessions that some children had been invited to. All additional classes and extra-curricular clubs and activities are suspended until further notice. We shall resume them once the national lockdown restriction has ended.



Kind regards,

Mrs Elliott