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Kieron Hamilton(about a year ago)

I have hundreds of happy memories of Mackie Hill and always look back fondly on my time as a student there. I attribute much of the man I am today to the incredible staff and school. I'm now living in Doncaster and training to teach secondary school Maths and Physics after being inspired by the thought of the impact that wonderful teachers like Mrs.Moss, Mrs.Rhodes, Mrs.Barnett, Mrs.Crossland and many other had on my young life. Thank you Mackie Hill, for everything.

Mrs Oliver(a couple of years ago)

A huge thank you to the staff and helpers for giving up their Saturday and giving the children (and parents too) a wonderful experience at the rugby Magic Weekend on Saturday. It was great to see the children had such confidence to step out on a pitch the size of St James' Park.

Harley(a couple of years ago)

I really like the new website. It's that good, I could read it every single day! Mackie Hill teaches me a lot.

Mrs Purser(a few years ago)

Love the new website!! Well done Miss Tansley in getting it up and running.

Miss Tansley(a few years ago)

I just wanted to say that I hope you like our new website. It has taken quite some time to do and I have tried to make it both informative and interesting. I think it shows everyone what exciting things we do here at Mackie Hill. I hope you enjoy exploring the site as much as I have enjoyed creating it!

Mrs Crowther(a few years ago)

The Year 6 school leaver's play was amazing tonight; you should all be very proud of yourselves and the performance of Grease you gave- far too cool for school! Well done!

Abi(a few years ago)

Being Year five is epic but I'm going to have to leave soon.

Lauren(a few years ago)

I'm so sad I had to leave Mackie Hill. I would do anything to just have one day back there... thank you to all the teachers. Year 8 isn't as good as any other year x

Szymon(a few years ago)

Mackie Hill is the best school ever. I have finished my work experience and I love it. I dont think I will forget this time. Thank you Miss Houlihan.

Nathan(a few years ago)

Wow, Mackie Hill school. Best school ever. Anyone got any old school pics from my era? lol.

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