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Ofsted January 2013

Assessment Without Levels

Assessment Coordinator: Mrs Barker.

The New National Curriculum- 'Life After Levels'


There is a new National Curriculum from September 2014 and the existing system of assessment levels has been removed and not replaced by the Government.

This change will affect children in Y1, Y3, Y4 and Y5 from September 2014 and then apply to children in Y2 and Y6 from September 2015.

The Government have left it up to schools to design their own assessment framework. Mackie Hill along with most primary schools in the locality are using the ‘Essex Target Tracker’ system. 

This year, children in Y1, Y3, Y4 and Y5 will be assessed using steps which describe their attainment against the National Curriculum statements for each year group. 


Assessment at Mackie Hill 

Teachers at Mackie Hill are assessing children all of the time, constantly considering how well they have understood their learning and what next steps need to be taken. 

Teachers use assessment grids to assess reading, writing, SPaG (spelling and grammar) and maths. This information is submitted each half term and children’s progress is discussed regularly through the year with senior leaders. 

Teachers will talk to children about their next steps (in an age appropriate way) so that they know the things they need to get better at doing. 

Attainment and progress is shared with parents and carers at parents’ evenings in the Autumn and Spring terms. Then finally with a written report in the Summer term.   

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