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Ofsted January 2013

School Jobcentre

Managing Director: Miss Wilson


Assistant Manager:

Cover Manager:

Lead Supervisor:

Our school Jobcentre helps promote independence and responsibility whilst providing the children with life skills such as applying for jobs, interview techniques and leadership qualities.

Year 6 children take on the leadership and management roles and are trained by staff from one of our local Jobcentres. They then run the interviews and staff appraisals. All Key Stage 2 children can then apply for jobs using the application forms to conduct duties around school.

Key Stage 2 children; please see below for any job vacancies.




Lunch Crate Monitors

Music Technician

Laptop Technician

Plant Feeder


Chair Monitor

Register Distributor

Stick Insect Carer

Lunch Band Distributor

Pear Picker

Litter Picker

Compost Collector

Sports Leaders (Year 5/6 only)

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