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Ofsted January 2013


Subject Leader: Miss Rhodes

Writing Policies

At Mackie Hill we follow the Sheffield Handwriting Scheme which is based on the Sassoon infant font on laptops and PC's. We start this from a very early age and continue this throughout school so children develop a comfortable, legible, fluid style of handwriting. We complete handwriting on a daily basis. Once pupils are fluid and consistent, pupils will graduate to using pen in their books.


Throughout school Pie Corbett’s 'Talk 4 Writing' is used.  In Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 this takes place over 2 days. In Key Stage 2 this takes place over 3 days with an 'All in One' session towards the end of the week which has a SPAG focus.


Talk 4 Writing has an emphasis on getting children to ‘talk’ a text before they write.  Pie Corbett believes that children can’t write unless they can talk it, which is a key driver when we plan our writing sessions.


In the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children concentrate on learning, re-telling and changing parts of texts. 


In Key Stage 2 children learn, re-tell, change parts and create their own texts.  In week 1 children draw the text and performing it as a whole class, in groups and in pairs then write the re-tell.  In week 2 children draw their text change, perform it then write their changes.  In week 3 children draw and write their own texts.


This 'Talk 4 Writing' principle is used across the curriculum to develop and embed key writing skills in other areas. 

After our time with horror writer Tommy Donbavand, our Key Stage 2 children wrote their own stories to be made into an electronic book, entitled 'The Lollipop Transformation'.



In the previous year, our children throughout school wrote stories which were collated into a published book entitled 'We are Writers' which is available for children to borrow from our Key Stage Two library.

For parents still wishing to purchase a copy the ISBN number is: ...

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